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Hotel restaurant De Wolfsberg biedt diverse hotelarrangementen aan. Ontdek wat er te doen is in Nijmegen en omgeving.

Hotel arrangements

De Wolfsberg offers several unique hotel arrangements, which are adjusted according to ones needs at that point in time. Whether you would like to book for one night, or for a number of nights on the edge of Groesbeek’s woods with Nijmegen within close-by: we will pay attention to every need you might have. 

The two days’ arrangements

Hotelarrangement - hotel restaurant De Wolfsberg - Groesbeek - Nijmegen - Culinair

Culinary arrangement

Over the past 150 years, people have been visiting De Wolfsberg to sleep soundlessly, have some drinks and last, but most certainly not least, treat themselves to culinary delights. Our chefs will pamper you in our lovely restaurant, and serve their most delicious specialties together with carefully selected matching wines.
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€ 127,50 p.p.

Hotelarrangement - hotel restaurant De Wolfsberg - Groesbeek - Nijmegen - Lazy Sunday

Lazy sunday

After finishing Saturday’s obligations, you can breathe freely and leave home on Sunday to get pampered at hotel De Wolfsberg. Enjoy the culinary delights and have an unencumbered, restful stay in the countryside.
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€ 79,00 p.p.


Multiple day’s arrangements

Hotelarrangement - hotel restaurant De Wolfsberg - Groesbeek - Nijmegen - Beleef de oudste stad: Nijmegen

Experience the Netherlands’ oldest city

We dare you to enjoy the district of Nijmegen with its rolling hills that has been around here for centuries. The possibilities are endless for both guests who seek a bit peace and quiet, and guests who like to cram as many activities in a day as possible.
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€ 149,00 p.p.


in the neighborhood

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Please contact us by phone, if you would like to have more information. Our phone number is: +3124 397 13 27.