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The ideal location for a business meeting

Do you need to get away for a bit from your trusted work environment to come up with new ideas, or to get inspired? De Wolfsberg is the ideal work place away from your daily workspace. We make sure to take care of your meeting, product presentation or training down to the finest detail. There is also the possibility of taking a stroll through the forest and enjoying a delicious lunch, or informal afternoon drinks, for example.

You may choose from several business arrangements for both meetings and conferences.
Naturally, our conference rooms have free WiFi and are well-equipped.

Business Meetings

4 hour arrangement with lunch included        
(9.00 – 13:00 o’clock or 14:00-18:00 o’clock)
€ 35,00
4 hour arrangement with dinner included      
(14:00-18:00 o’clock or 19:00-23:00 o’clock)
€ 54,50
8 hour arrangement with lunch included
(9:00-18:00 o’clock)
€ 52,50
8 hour arrangement including lunch and dinner
(9:00-18:00 o’clock) 
€ 84,50
a selection of savoury snacks to enjoy during the meeting
at around 17:00 o’clock 
€ 2,25









Conference arrangements   


Price per person per hotel room Price per two people per hotel room

24 hour arrangement:
Meetings at 3 parts of the day with lunch, dinner, a one night’s stay and breakfast included (check-out after breakfast).

€ 169,50 € 139,50

2 day meeting arrangement:
Meetings at 5 parts of 2 days with lunch (2x), dinner (1x), a one night’s stay and breakfast included.

€ 207,50 € 177,50

3 day meeting arrangement:
Meetings at 8 parts of 3 days with lunch (3x), dinner (twice/2x), and a two nights’ stay, both with breakfast included.

€ 320,00 € 265,00

4 day meeting arrangement:
Meetings at 11 parts of 4 days with lunch (4x), dinner (thrice/3x), and a three nights’ stay all with breakfast included.

€ 455,00 € 397,50


Wolf’s chamber

The Wolf’s chamber is the most spacious room with a view over Groesbeek, which is lying down in the valley. This room is suitable for large groups of people.
Room dimensions: 7x15=105 m²

The Alfa chamber

The Alfa chamber is well suited as a sub area of the Wolf’s chamber, since the rooms are divided by sliding doors.
Room dimensions: 9x4=36 m²

The Hunt room

The Hunt room is has a rustic feel to it, lying at the back of the hotel, near the edge of the woods.
Room dimensions: 4x8=32 m²


Please contact us by phone, if you would like to have for information or make a reservation. Our phone number is: +3124 397 13 27, and we can be reached between 9.00 a.m (9:00) and 5.00 p.m. (17:00).